Sell my Car

Selling your car is one of those tasks that few enjoy thinking about, but has to be done sooner or later. Maybe you don’t need to drive anymore, or perhaps you’re simply looking for a deposit on a newer vehicle. Whatever your reason, we’re here to help.

Why use David Dexters?

We’re not some faceless, corporate business looking to buy used cars at the lowest possible price. No, we’re a family-run garage that’s looked after our loyal customers for over 15 years.

Our friendly, professional team will go the extra mile to ensure you have a stress-free experience, with absolutely no hidden costs or obligations involved.

How long does it take?

With just a few basic details (make, model, mileage, and condition), we can offer a very approximate valuation within minutes of speaking with you.

Even better, bring the car down to us in person and you can spend some time with one of our experts who can offer a more accurate estimate of your vehicle’s value. If we’re both happy, we can even buy it from you there and then!

What affects how much I get?

We always strive to give you a competitive offer, but a lot of things can influence your car’s value. Some of them are fairly simple – a BMW is likely to be worth more than a comparable Vauxhall, and an Astra is likely to be worth more than a smaller Corsa. You’d also rightly guess that a lower mileage will increase the offer, as will a younger vehicle.

Other factors are perhaps not so obvious. Knowing the number of previous owners that it’s had, or having an accurate service history are beneficial, as are an honest indication of any damage it might have received in the past.

You don’t have to worry about these though – simply come and see us, and one of our experts can find out all these things.


Simply contact our sales team to make an appointment for a valuation!