Drive with confidence

Our warranty covers the breakdown of almost all mechanical and electrical parts (including labour to fit them) so that you don’t find yourself surprised by any unexpected costs.

On top of that, we include some extras that minimise the inconvenience of car repairs.

  • Temporary replacement car – Covering a courtesy or hire car
  • Alternate expenses – Cover for hotel or rail fares up to £60 if your vehicle breaks and you can’t get home.
  • Cover abroad – If you have a problem while driving in Europe, you’re still covered.
  • Unlimited claims – Up to the price you paid for the vehicle.
  • Private transfer – If you sell your car privately, this cover can be transferred to the new owner for a fee of £25
  • Parts and labour – Covers full parts and labour costs, with no hidden charges.

Take the worry out of your MOT

In addition to all that’s covered by our warranty, our MOT Test Cover includes some further items.

If your vehicle fails an MOT with us, this cover will pay up to £500, including VAT, for repair or replacement of the following:

  • Lighting equipment – Including bulbs and headlamps lenses (excluding wiring).
  • Steering – Manual and power steering units, drag links, and track rod ends.
  • Suspension – Shock absorbers, springs, wishbones, swivel joints, mountings, sub-frames, and wheel bearings.
  • Braking system – Master cylinder, wheel cylinder, calipers, brake discs and drums, load compensator, ABS modulator/sensors, and brake pipes, hoses, and cables.
  • Seat belts – mountings, belts, retractors, and buckles.

Help when and where you need it

If your car breaks down, it’s good to know that someone will come to help. Our breakdown cover offers comprehensive cover within the UK, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

  • Roadside assistance & recovery – Response and transfer to a home address or journey destination, including passengers and a caravan or trailer.
  • Home start – Response at home address or journey destination
  • Accident – Assistance in the event of a road accident and transportation to a local nominated address.
  • Message service – Two messages to home and work.
  • Puncture cover – Cover provided in the event of a puncture.