Service Plans

What’s a Service Plan?

A service plan lets you spread the cost of maintaining your vehicle out over regular monthly payments. We do this by calculating the total you’ll need to spend and sharing it across the length of the plan.

What’s included?

At the start of your plan, we agree on what work will be included. This might be just the annual, manufacter-recommended service, or could cover other routine work, such as a new cambelt or MOT. We can even include regular ‘wear and tear’ items, such as new tyres or brake pads. The plan covers parts, labour, and VAT.

How’s it priced?

We calculate the price of the work covered at today’s prices and spread this into interest-free monthly payments over the full period of your plan. This means you’ll save money if inflation causes prices to rise over the length of the agreement.

Servicing at David Dexters

We aim for all of our customers to be happy. As well as giving you peace of mind about your car maintenance costs, we go the extra mile to ensure your vehicle is well-cared for.

  • FREE initial diagnosis and road test
  • FREE vehicle safety checks, including fluid and oil top-ups.
  • FREE bulb replacement
  • FREE puncture repair
  • FREE use of courtesy cars.
  • FREE collection and devliery.

What if I want to cancel?

If your circumstances change and you decide to cancel your plan, that’s not a problem. Simply call us with your details, and we can arrange to refund the balance of your plan.

Are the costs fixed?

Yes! All future costs are calculated at today’s prices. If costs go up, you’ll still pay the original price quoted.

(Note: If your mileage increases significantly, and you require more servicing work than originally expected, we can alter your monthly direct debit, or you can pay a top-up cost at the point of service).

How long does it last?

You can choose how long your plan lasts, starting at one year. In addition, if you change cars, we can transfer the plan to your new vehicle.

How do I take out a service plan?

Just speak to a member of staff and we’ll be happy to prepare a personal quotation for you. If you’re outside of office hours, or otherwise unable to make a call, drop us an email and one of our wonderful service team can get back in touch.

What if my mileage increases?

Servicing is usually linked to the number of miles you cover in your vehicle, so we’ll ask you about your mileage when we design your service plan. If your mileage is higher than expected, you may need an additional service during your plan. This is not a problem! Just call us to amend your monthly direct debit. Alternatively, you can pay a top-up at your next service.

Is the plan transferable?

Yes! If you change your vehicle, any unused payments can be transferred from your old service plan to a new one. Simply contact us to arrange a transfer.