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Why Us?

  • We’re convenient – just 5 minutes walk from Bridgnorth High Street.
  • People love us – but don’t take our word for it! Check out our reviews on Autotrader, Google, Facebook, and on our own website.
  • Accurate, transparent valuations – deal with a real person rather than an automated system.
  • There’s zero obligation – it’s up to you if you want to sell to us.

Selling a car doesn’t have to be a complicated experience.

Some other online services make unrealistic assumptions about the cars that they value, offering misleading amounts through automated systems before knocking the final payment down several times due to a missed service, a scuff, or a missing key.

We don’t do that. We know that selling a car can be stressful when combined with all of life’s other challenges. That’s why we aim to give you a transparent, honest and above all human experience. We won’t demand that vehicles be perfect, and we’ll only give a valuation once we’ve inspected the car thoroughly.

What we say is what we pay.


What do you need to value my car for me?

Just the car! Though other buying services will give you a value based on just the registration and mileage, they make broad assumptions about perfect condition, history, etc, which can often prove to be misleading.

We don’t do that. By looking at the car itself, we can value it on its own merits, and give an accurate value first time.

How do you value my car?

Our industry experts will inspect it thoroughly, including a short test drive, to get the best possible understanding of your individual vehicle. With those details in hand, we research the current market conditions to find its value based on make, model, age, mileage, and condition (both cosmetic and mechanical). Finally, we bring all of that information together into a competitive offer for you.

What things do you look at when valuing my car?

Almost everything. In some cases we’ve even lifted vehicles on ramps before now to better see underneath.

The most common things we look for are dents and scratches, service/cambelt/MOT history, tyre tread depth, electronics (including A/C) and how well it drives (such as performance of the brakes and clutch).

We investigate all of these things so that we can best consider the vehicle as a whole. Not all used cars are equal, and as a small, local business we’re keen to make sure that any future driver isn’t in for a nasty surprise.

Will you give me a valuation without seeing the car?

We’re afraid not, no. With the best intentions in the world, there’s no description, photo, or video that can compare with seeing the car in the flesh, and we take great pains to avoid any misleading values or miscommunication. It’s for this very same reason that our Sales Team encourage customers to come and see our retail cars personally!

There are some circumstances where, with some notice, one of our buyers may be able to come visit you to see the vehicle if you’re unable to make it to us. This tends to be in cases where individuals are unable to drive any more due to health or legal reasons. If you think this might apply to you, let us know!

Is your valuation guaranteed?

Yes, for seven calendar days. Market conditions often change from one day to the next, as supply and demand of different models rise and fall. So long as you decide in those seven days and the car’s available immediately (and its condition hasn’t changed substantially), we’ll honour the value that we offered when we saw the vehicle.

Do you accept non-runners/write-offs/scrap vehicles?

Short answer: No.

Longer answer: There’s no harm in asking us, but if it’s uneconomical for you to fix it, then it probably is for us as well. We’ll consider all makes and models in all conditions, however we can’t guarantee that we can make a valuation, let alone a competitive one on such vehicles.

Will you collect from me?

No, not under normal circumstances. We buy cars with the intention of selling them on to either another end user, or into the trade, so it’s important that they can be driven down to us to show they’re functional. Similar to above, with accepting non-running cars though, speak to our team and we’ll see what we can do, though this may result in a lower payment due to deducting a delivery fee.

Can I sell a car with outstanding finance?

Absolutely, yes. So long as you bring a settlement letter from your finance provider that shows the exact settlement value (and how long it’s valid for), we can help you. This involves us paying the finance provider the amount still owed on the vehicle, and then the remaining balance of its value to you. They’ll then stop taking their regular payments.

I’ve lost my v5c/Logbook – will you still buy my car?

Unfortunately, no. To prevent anything like fraud, we can only accept a vehicle accompanied by a valid logbook. If you’ve lost yours, we suggest contacting the DVLA to get a new one. We’d love to hear from you after it’s arrived!

Will you buy the car if its v5c has an incorrect name/address on it?

So long as you can show us the relevant evidence, yes, we certainly can. If your name has changed due to something like marriage, divorce, or something else, we’ll need to see proof of such. Likewise if you’ve moved home. Commonly, this might include utility bills or bank statements, but just tell our buyers, and they’ll talk you through the specifics.

Can I sell a car to you on behalf of someone else?

Just like above, yes, so long as everything is evidenced. In the unfortunate case of a bereavement, this usually consists of proof of probate, or your position as executor of the deceased’s will. We’re likely to also ask for evidence of proof of attorney if you’re selling on behalf of someone due to medical issues, such as dementia.

What happens with the Tax/Insurance on my vehicle if you buy it from me?

As soon as we take possession of the car, we’ll transfer it into trade, and the DVLA will cancel your tax. This may consist of a refund or the cancellation of a direct debit, depending on how you pay for it.

We’re not able to do anything about your insurance. If you call your insurance provider, they can take the necessary details to cancel or transfer the policy to a new vehicle.

What will happen to my car?

It depends on the car. If we think that there might be a demand for it locally, we may have our highly trained technicians look over it and then retail it again ourselves. Other times we’ll sell it into the trade, and it might get sold elsewhere. Finally, in circumstances where it’s unfeasible or uneconomic to get the vehicle functioning safely, then it may get scrapped.

Can I keep my private registration from the vehicle?

Yes. The DVLA will let you put a private plate on ‘retention,’ which means it belongs to you even when not registered to a car. You can put it onto retention yourself here for £80, though if you’re uncertain our team will be happy to help you – just give us a call. After that, as soon as the updated v5c arrives (usually within 7 days), then we can buy it from you as usual.

What do I need to provide along with the vehicle?

Anything that came with it in the first place. This should include, but is not limited to:
The v5c/Logbook, all service history and/or evidence of work carried out (including routine maintenance such as cambelt changes), the spare wheel and jack/a tyre sealant kit, a locking wheel nut, 2 keys, and any handbooks or memory cards.

What paperwork do I need to bring with me when you buy the car?

We need to see proof that you own the vehicle, and that we’re paying into the correct account. This is usually as simple as bringing along an up to date v5c, an official form of ID, and the appropriate bank card for the account that we’re paying into. You might also need to bring a settlement letter if your vehicle was on finance. If you’re unable to provide any of these, speak to us and we can discuss any valid alternatives that we might accept.

How do you pay me?

We transfer the payment to your bank account as soon as the car is in our possession.

How long will it take to be paid?

In the vast majority of cases, your money will appear in your account within minutes. It’s worth noting though that some banks advise that it can be delayed up to 5-working days, and there’s no guarantee that it will be instant.

Do I have to purchase a car at the same time?

Not at all! There’s no obligation to sell or buy with us. We keep about 40 cars of different makes and models in stock at all times though, so if you’re interested simply speak with our purchaser while having your car valued, and they’ll be happy to show you what we have on offer.

I’ve been offered more elsewhere – will you match it?

We’ll consider matching any like-for-like offer. Many places will make an offer before taking into consideration a vehicle’s condition, leading to inflated values. Our experts will discuss this is transparently with you, but we can’t promise that we’ll always be able to match larger, national firms.