5 reasons your car might fail its MOT

Despite driving our cars almost everyday we’re never sure of the problems that might be lurking underneath the bonnet or elsewhere?

This is why booking your car in for an MOT test is the best way to make sure it stays roadworthy. Below are five reasons how it could fail.



This is a common reason why most cars fail their MOT. Checking the lights on your car isn’t a time consuming job and can be done in a matter of minutes. Having all your lights working will make you clearly visible to other motorists on the road.

You may need someone to help you check the brake lights, but everything else can be done easily. Parking opposite a window is a great way to spot if you have any problems, as you’ll be able to use the reflection.


We put our tyres through tremendous wear and tear and it’s an MOT fail that can catch people out. In order to make sure that your tyres are in good shape you need to check they are inflated to the right pressure, there is no damage and that the tread depth doesn’t fall below 1.6mm. If any of these areas are cause for concern then you’ll need to address them before the test.


It goes without saying that your brakes are a vital part of your car. When driving it’s important that any noises, including grinding or squealing shouldn’t be ignored. If you’re able to see through the wheel you might be able to spot rust or brake dust which can accumulate.

Not having them serviced regularly will put you at risk when driving in different weather conditions. At David Dexters, we would inspect these as part of your annual service.

Driver visibility

There shouldn’t be any visible obstructions on the windscreen or mirrors. This includes cracks or chips in the windscreen. Make sure to check the wipers work properly and that the screenwash is topped up. It might not seem like a crucial check but these are all things which will be thoroughly tested.

Number plate

Your car needs to have front and rear number plates fitted, and they have to be legible from at least 20 metres. Surprisingly there are still a number of cars failing their MOT for this very reason. The car must also have a VIN (vehicle identification number), so just double check it can be clearly read.

If you need to book your car in for its MOT or you have a question about the testing process then get in touch with the friendly team at David Dexters.


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