Our New Warranties and Service Plans

War(ranty) and Peace (Of Mind) Cars are complicated machines, and machines can go wrong. We’ve all had that experience, whether it’s a vehicle not starting, a light coming on while driving, or something coming up during an MOT. Wouldn’t it be nice though if all that was just sorted? All of our cars are sold […]


Time to fit your Winter tyres?

  The temperature has been dropping and it seems an opportune moment to mention the benefits of having winter tyres fitted on your car. It may be something you have delayed thinking about this year with the unseasonably warmer temperatures taking us well into November but with the frost and ice appearing you may be interested […]


Do I Choose Diesel, Petrol or Electric?

Choosing the right car has never been easy. You want to get the right vehicle to service your requirements while at the same time not costing you a fortune in keeping it on the road in a safe condition. So which type of car is best for you, petrol, diesel or electric? A few years […]


Benefits of buying a second hand car

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When it comes to purchasing a car, especially if you’ve never had one before, it can be tempting to see if your budget will stretch to a brand new vehicle. But more and more people are opting for a second hand model (and we are busier than ever selling some lovely cars to our happy […]


The Driving test: what you need to know

driving test, david dexters, bridgnorth

It may be you’ve been looking for a car, or a reliable garage, because you’re about to take the plunge and do your driving test. Or perhaps you’ve just always wanted to know more about that two-part test everyone has to take before being allowed on the roads on their own?   Either way, today […]


MOT: tougher than ever to pass

MOT test, 2018 rules, MOT rules, David Dexters, Bridgnorth

Your MoT test since May 2018 is tougher than before. But why? A new, more stringent, MoT test came into effect on May 20, 2018. The changes are designed to ensure vehicles on the road are safer – something that is difficult to argue against, even though it is going to make it harder for […]


Staff Profile – John Bailey

We have great pride in our employees – and it is great to see how much pride they take in their work. We aim to always compliment our staff on their accomplishments and let them know that we appreciate the work that they do. Because the work that they do for us, and our customers, […]


Top ten tips to keep your car healthy

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As much as we love seeing our customers, you don’t want to be repeatedly calling us to tell us something may have gone wrong with your car: car health is key. There are lots of things you can do to ensure your vehicle stays in good running order, and we’re always asked what we’d recommend […]


Staff Profile – Gordon Graham

Technician and MOT tester Gordon Graham is very much at home in our workshop – in fact he is really quite fond of it! In this months staff profile, we give you some insight in to what makes him tick. This workshop is one of the best I have been in,” he says. “Everything is […]


Bridgnorth Music and Arts Festival diary date

Just in case you haven’t heard, Bridgnorth Music and Arts Festival will be taking place across the town for 10 days in August. It’s a great event to get behind and we hope as many of you as possible will be turning out to support it between August 17 and 27. So much effort goes […]