I booked my vehicle in for 2 console bush replacements ( MOT advisory ) and a subsequent MOT. The date offered was just over a week hence. The vehicle was at the garage workshop at 9:30 am on the agreed day and I was lead to believe it would be ready after 4:30 pm on that day. There was no further update until approx 15:45 when I was informed the car had failed the MOT, would not be repaired that day and the car would need to be retained until the following day but with no guarantee that the work could be done due to existing work schedules. I contacted reception the following morning.I spoke to Zowie and explained my disappointment. I was reassured by Zowie that she would do her very best to get the situation resolved. She updated me during the day as to the progress being made. The work on the car was completed and an MOT pass issued by 16:00 pm. I am very grateful to Zowie for the professional way in which she resolved the situation and to Matt for his excellent work on the car and for taking the time to explain to me the problems that had caused the MOT failure. I appreciate very much the help given to achieve customer satisfaction. Thank you. – D T, Eardington

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