Millennials seeking expert help

More younger drivers than ever are leaving work on their car in the hands of the experts rather than tackling problem themselves.

A recent survey found 63% of Millennials have never tried to fix, repair or modify a car they have bought. This trend has been mirrored here at David Dexter’s with a steady increase in the call to carry out the smaller jobs that people in days past would have probably done themselves.

There are many reasons for this and we would always urge people to seek professional advice and assistance in carrying out any repairs to a car unless they are absolutely certain of what they are doing.

Safety is of paramount importance and is a major consideration if you are thinking about tackling work on the car yourself. If you take the car to a reputable garage you have the peace of mind of knowing the work has been done properly and it will be roadworthy.

Vehicle technology has moved on at an incredible pace over the past 20 years or so and there are a number of mechanical faults that need to be detected, assessed and addressed by professionals.

But we are finding people coming to us with the most minor of things – and we are happy to help. We are adapting to this role and helping drivers whatever the problem, big or small, to keep their vehicle on the road in a safe and reliable condition. It is what we are here for.

There are steps you can take to look after your car and prevent problems before they happen. Sainsbury’s Bank’s Money Matters team have produced a guide to servicing and maintaining your car and includes a number of points that we at David Dexter’s agree are vitally important to keeping you on the road.

They include regular checks of oil, tyres, lights and coolant, and make sure you regularly service your vehicle in line with the manufacturer’s advice.

Servicing looks at the vehicle’s engine, electrics, wheels, steering fuel and brakes – everything that needs to be checked to keep you mobile.

This is normally needed once a year, although this can vary depending on the type of vehicle, and we know it is easy sometimes to slip into the mindset of skipping the service because you feel you can’t afford it, or one year missed won’t make a difference.

This is a false economy in the long run and the cost saved on any service can be easily swallowed up by the cost of repairs brought about by not regularly servicing your vehicle.

The decision of more younger drivers to seek professional help in keeping their cars on the road, for whatever reason, is essentially the correct one.

We all have an obligation to keep the roads safe for everyone to use and having a properly serviced and maintained car can only benefit all concerned. Our message is, whatever the problem with your car, big or small, get advice from the experts and have the work carried out professionally.