Now that we have mobile phones breaking down is less of a fear for drivers – but you should still be prepared

Now that we have mobile phones breaking down is less of a fear for drivers – but you should still be prepared…

A car emergency kit is a really useful thing to have in your boot but it is one of the things drivers often don’t think about until they actually need it.

You can keep a variety of things in an emergency kit, the below are among the most commonly recommended items:

Reflective warning triangle

A warning triangle can be placed in the road to warn other drivers that your vehicle has broken down a bit further on – it means they can slow down as they approach.

A charged mobile phone

If you have an old phone why not charge it up, pop a sim card in it with £10 on, turn it off and pop it in your emergency car kit just in case?

Jump leads

Finding someone to assist you is often far easier than tracking down jump leads so it is a good idea to have some in your kit.

Torch and spare batteries

If your car breaks down in the dark you need to be able to see under the bonnet or down at the tyres – although most mobile phones have a torchlight there is always the chance you won’t have it on you or the battery will be dead.

Rain poncho

If you are on your way somewhere and get a puncture a poncho comes in handy if you have to change a tyre in the pouring rain.

Cat litter

This works as well as sand beneath the tyres for traction and may well come in very useful in snow as heavy as we experienced before Christmas!

Water and snacks

Whether you are waiting for recovery or sitting out bad weather drinks and snacks always come in handy.


And a blanket will be a most-welcomed item if you are waiting in a cold vehicle, again a high possibility if we have more weather like December 2017’s snow.

At David Dexters, we happily recover cars locally in the Bridgnorth area, whether you’re at home or out on the road. We can also provide you with a courtesy car or a free lift if you have somewhere to be while your car is being worked on. Our expert technicians will work hard to get your car back on the road as soon as possible.

As a Bosch car service garage, Bosch provide all of our technicians with the training and equipment they need to carry out thorough testing by using the latest in car diagnostic and repair technology.

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