Staff spotlight – James Fellows

Being a successful car salesman means marrying up the right car to the right person – and here at David Dexters we have one of the best matchmakers in the industry.

James Fellows is an integral part of our team here in Bridgnorth and is always willing to go that extra mile in sharing the benefit of that experience with the customer or finding out what exactly it is they are looking for and then providing it.

He said: “I have been around cars for a long time now and am always pleased to engage with the customer, put them at their ease and find out what they want.

“Car salesmen and garages can be a bit of a daunting experience for some people and they sometimes believe they are going to be forced into a sale they don’t want, or get ripped off – the archetypal car salesman of TV and film still has a lot to answer for!

“But we have a friendly and helpful team here and after talking for just a short while the customer gets to know we have their best interests at heart and become confident in our providing the best car for them.

“I pride myself on transparency. It is important to be open and honest – I am not the traditional promise the world and deliver nothing. You have to listen to the customer and take note of what they want.

“Finding out what their motivation is for changing their car is very important. It may be family commitments or that their old car has broken down one time too many and is no longer reliable enough for them.

“I have got a good knowledge of the cars we have got outside and the ones that are enroute to us, the ones we have bought and haven’t arrived yet, so I can give the potential customer chapter and verse on what we have or will have available.

“The other thing to remember is if they have a wish list we can have a look and see what we can get for them. We still get a buzz from the sale and there really is nothing better than matching someone with their perfect car and waving them off.

“I’ve done valeting and sales and both give an immense amount of satisfaction when the customer goes away happy.

“We are also in a really good position at David Dexters because being an independent retailer we control everything in the process ourselves, which is nice because it means we don’t have to rely on anybody else and are in complete charge.”

We are proud to have assembled the very best people at David Dexters in order to produce the highest level of service we demand for our customers, and we like to share their talents with you.


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