The COVID-19 MOT Extension is Coming to an End…

Early on during lockdown, you might have heard that vehicle MOTs were being extended. This helped reduce the number of people out and about, as well as stopping those self-isolating from being unduly punished. We’ve heard of some confusion around this government scheme, and so thought we’d try and help our local community understand it a little better.

This extension only affects MOTs for vehicles that run out between March 30th 2020 and July 31st 2020. If your MOT expiry was originally in this time period, it’s now six months later! About 7 days before it’s due to expire, you should be sent a new paper MOT certificate with the new date.

If your vehicle’s MOT certificate runs out on or after August 1st this year, then nothing has changed – you need to get it tested. So long as you book it in up to 30 days before its expiry then the current expiry date will be preserved.

Remember, just because you have a valid MOT doesn’t mean your vehicle is necessarily safe. It’s your responsibility to ensure you’re driving a safe vehicle. Also, if you book your car in and it fails, the extension goes out the window. If you have any concerns, why not book it in for a checkup with your local professional garage (hint hint)?

If you’re self-isolating with or without symptoms, or you’re particularly vulnerable, our service team is on standby to help with vehicle collections and deliveries.

You can read the government’s guidance on the matter here.

Drive safe, folks.