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Be prepared

When I broke down it didn't look nearly as pretty as this

A few winters ago, my car developed an electrical fault, where it lit up like a Christmas tree when it got wet. I had it recovered and fixed, but I still remember that night clearly. I was just about to leave work for a fairly long commute, and it wouldn’t start. Stranded in the snow […]


Free winter health checks

If you're like us, this is pretty much what you see every time you get in the car right now.

Last month we wrote a little about what we can all do to stay safe on the roads this winter. Now, with the weather turning against us, we thought we’d go a little more in depth into what we inspect during one of our free winter health checks. Batteries Most of you don’t give your […]


Winter is Coming…

It’s that time of year again. The days are grey, the nights cold, the papers are doom-mongering, and the weather defies all prediction. It can only be the British winter. The season brings with it many challenges, not least of all while driving. There’s not a whole lot that we can do to stop the […]


When the rubber hits the road

Lots of tyres in stock!

Some would argue tyres are the most important factor in your car’s safety – after all they’re the only part that’s in contact with the road. I can think of some other things that are pretty vital, but I take their point – the wrong tyres can really affect how safe you are. So, what […]


How cool are you?

Another lovely day down at the garage

After a wet spring, summer is finally here! With it have arrived the usual green fields, blue skies, and balmy afternoons. Now, most years this spurs me to think mostly of beer gardens, barbeques, and long hikes, but, this year, something else has come to my attention. My air conditioning is rubbish. It takes an […]


We’ve tailored our stock

Some of our fabulous stock

Here at David Dexters, we’re always looking for ways to improve the way we serve our customers. Recently this has included rolling out our new warranties and service plans, but that’s not all that we’ve got up our sleeves. Want the short version? We’ve changed the line up of what cars are out on our […]


Our New Warranties and Service Plans

War(ranty) and Peace (Of Mind) Cars are complicated machines, and machines can go wrong. We’ve all had that experience, whether it’s a vehicle not starting, a light coming on while driving, or something coming up during an MOT. Wouldn’t it be nice though if all that was just sorted? All of our cars are sold […]


Benefits of buying a second hand car

second hand cars, for sale, cars, bridgnorth

When it comes to purchasing a car, especially if you’ve never had one before, it can be tempting to see if your budget will stretch to a brand new vehicle. But more and more people are opting for a second hand model (and we are busier than ever selling some lovely cars to our happy […]


MOT: tougher than ever to pass

MOT test, 2018 rules, MOT rules, David Dexters, Bridgnorth

Your MoT test since May 2018 is tougher than before. But why? A new, more stringent, MoT test came into effect on May 20, 2018. The changes are designed to ensure vehicles on the road are safer – something that is difficult to argue against, even though it is going to make it harder for […]


What our customers say about us

We’re proud of the service we provide here at David Dexters – August has been another busy month. Here are a few comments from our customers. You can read more comments here.