Time to fit your Winter tyres?


The temperature has been dropping and it seems an opportune moment to mention the benefits of having winter tyres fitted on your car.

It may be something you have delayed thinking about this year with the unseasonably warmer temperatures taking us well into November but with the frost and ice appearing you may be interested in a special deal we have – 20% off winter tyres when booked with a service.

Having winter tyres fitted is not a legal requirement in this country but here at David Dexters we are huge fans of them and it’s not just about the snow, the tyres perform so much better at temperatures under seven degrees.

Winter tyres use a softer rubber compound designed to stay supple in colder temperatures and give optimum traction in snow and ice conditions. The deeper tread grooves are also better at effectively displacing water – helping increase resistance to aquaplaning.

The tyres are covered with sipes, small jagged slits which increase the surface area of the tyre in contact with the road. The pattern of the tread also allows the tyre to collect a snowy in-fill which helps grip. Nothing is as good at gripping the snow as snow itself!

So is there a downside to winter tyres?

There can be increased wear on winter tyres against summer tyres where temperatures are above seven degrees Centigrade and performance may also not be quite as good in warmer weather. There are also fewer winter tyres made and distributed to retailers, another good reason for getting the tyres fitted early.

On the plus side winter tyres can be a sound investment, particularly if you live in remote areas and a definite advantage if faced with the kind of conditions we saw from late last year through to this March.

Don’t leave it too late to fit your winter tyres and remember the spare – having a summer tyre alongside a winter one could make for difficulties in the way the car handles.

If you are unsure about whether you need to fit winter tyres, call our team for advice on 01746 764200 or call in at our garage in Stanley Lane, Bridgnorth, and we will be glad to help.