Why use an independent garage?

We’re very proud of the fact we are an independent garage.

It’s our job to make sure that your vehicle is roadworthy and reliable, and that we are here for you all year round – that’s our prime aim.

A dealership is a franchise holder for a particular manufacturer but an independent garage, like David Dexters, hasn’t taken a manufacturer franchise.

We therefore remain free to make our own decisions about how to run our business – and the customer is always at the heart of that. We rely on word of mouth to grow our customer base.

Often dropping your car for its MOT or service at an independent garage is far more convenient than having to travel to the nearest manufacturer-linked garage – but drivers can be concerned that their car will not get the high quality of work they require.

But at David Dexters, our mechanics can work on all makes of vehicle – and, although it is often a lot cheaper than using a dealership, you will still receive a high level of service and expertise.

We use original equipment approved parts on your vehicle and as a Bosch car service garage we provide all of our technicians with Bosch training and the diagnostic and repair technology and equipment they need to carry out thorough testing.

And by using your local garage it means you can get home easily and don’t need to take time off work.

Customer service is of prime importance to us and we aim to offer a more personal service as an independent garage. Many of our customers have built up a good relationship with our staff over several years.

Our team will take time to explain anything you need to know, pointing out why repairs need to be made.

Customers also often think they are tied to using a franchised dealer for servicing during their warranty period.

But an independent garage can service a car in warranty as long as they follow the manufacturer’s schedule – this can save a lot of money for the customer.

One of the reasons car owners may return to a dealer is because they feel servicing a car with an independent garage will negatively affect resale value.

This is not necessarily the case – and even if it does, the negative effect on your car’s resale value will be minimal, and the money saved using an independent garage will easily outweigh that small loss.